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Car Valeting in DerbyProfessional Car Valeting proprietor, Tim Quin

Professional Car Valeting Derby brings you a complete mobile car valeting service covering Derby and the surrounding areas, capable of valeting your car at home or at work. I take pride in being able to offer a flexible, reliable and thorough service at competitive prices. I provide a comprehensive range of internal and external valets to suit your needs, please see the Professional Car Valeting Services & Prices page for details.


Protecting your Car

Professional Car Valeting Derby will keep your car looking at its very best. It is important to ensure that your car is cleaned both inside and out on a regular basis. Neglecting the outside can soon cause a build up of dirt and salt on your bodywork that will attack your paintwork, dulling the finish and eventually causing rust patches to appear. Similarly allowing a build up of dirt and grime on leather seats and failing to moisturise them periodically can cause the leather to crack. And leaving dirt and stains to stand on upholstery and carpets not only looks unsightly but could cause permanent damage that can't be repaired.

One of my Express valets on a fortnightly or monthly basis will keep your car looking at it's best and a more thorough valet every 6 months to a year will provide a deep clean for your vehicle getting into all the nooks and cranny's and really giving it some TLC.Professional Car Valeting


Protecting the Environment

I make a conscious effort to minimise the amount of water that I use to valet each vehicle without compromising on quality. I also avoid using chemicals that are harmful to the environment and ensure that all litter removed from your vehicle is disposed of appropriately. So by using Professional Car Valeting Derby you get a highly professional service, superior cleaning and protection for your vehicle and the satisfaction of knowing that we are doing our bit for the environment too.